Kruptos 2 Professional

Using Keyfiles

A Kruptos 2 Professional keyfile is a file whose content is optionally combined with a password. You can use any kind of file as a keyfile. The maximum size of a keyfile is not limited; however, only its first 2,097,152 bytes (2 MB) are processed (all remaining bytes are ignored due to performance issues connected with processing extremely large files).

Any kind of file (for example, .txt, .exe, mp3**, .avi) can be used as a Kruptos 2 Professional keyfile however, we recommend that you prefer compressed files, such as .mp3, .jpg, .zip, etc.

You do not have to use keyfiles. However, using keyfiles may improve protection against brute force attacks, particularly if your password is not very strong.

To Use:

  • On the password entry screen click the Keyfile button, the following screen will be displayed

    start bar

  • Click the Select File button [1], navigate to the file you want to use as a keyfile the click the Open button

  • Optionally enter your password and password hint (encryption only)

  • For added security we strongly recommend using the additional password and password hint

  • Click the Use Key button. Your files will now be processed using your keyfile.

When using a keyfile you must never change the contents of the original file as any changes made will result in a completely differently keyfile password being generated, note Kruptos 2 Professional does not change your keyfile.