Kruptos 2 Professional

How do I encrypt filenames?

See: Hiding filenames

How do I hide file extensions?

See: Hiding file extensions

How do I view encrypted filenames?

From Windows Explorer | Right click the encrypted file then choose View original filename

From your library | Select the encrypted file | Select the Decrypt drop down button the choose View original filename

I forgot my password, Can you help?

Once a file has been encrypted using Kruptos 2 Professional it cannot be opened, changed or viewed without the correct password.

If you forget your password then your files will be lost. Kruptos 2 Professional does not have any backdoors or secret keys so we will not be able to help you retrieve your lost password.

One common cause of password failure is the unintentional use of the ‘Caps Lock’ button being on\off when entering your password, try entering your password with Caps lock on and off.

Does Kruptos2 professional meet the encryption standards of FIPS 140-2 ?

Kruptos 2 Professional does meet FIPS 140-2 at the mid-level but we do not have any formal federal testing certificates. I say mid-level as the FIPS 140-2 standard does not specifically reference exact module requirements. We use AES with the master key derived from user entered passwords. Master key production utilises a ‘Key Derivative Function’ which uses 256bit SHA256, salted and stretched.