data security for Mobile-reliant field workers

Best Data Security Practices for Mobile-Reliant Field Workers

Mobile-reliant field workers encounter more data security risks compared to office workers. They connect using a public Wi-Fi (which hackers love to exploit) and consistently rely on the Internet of Things (IoT) to accomplish their duties. It’s always a good idea for any company with…

Protect USB Flash Drive

20 Tips to Protect USB Flash Drive and Extend Its Lifespan

A USB flash drive is one of the most important and essential accessories you can buy for your computer, since it contains backups of your most precious and significant files. Do you want to extend the life of USB Flash Drive? Follow these 20 tips…

Password-Protect files and folders on mac

How to Password Protect Files and Folders on Mac

In today’s contemporary society, we store a wealth of data on our computers, some of it private and very sensitive. Keeping those data secure and maintaining privacy are highly important for any Mac user. Yet many of us give it scant attention and do little…

Full disk encryption Vs file and folder encryption

Full Disk Encryption vs File and Folder Encryption

Data at rest, Data in Transit and Data in Use, these three terms we often hear when someone talks about data protection. This article explains why you should use file and folder Level encryption on top of full disk encryption. Let’s drive into detail of…

Encryption algorithm

Commonly used Encryption Algorithms

Today, security is an afterthought for many PC users, it’s a major priority for businesses of any size. It has to be when the Ponemon Institute tells us that security breaches are costing companies millions every year. Even if you don’t have millions to lose, protecting what…

Encrypt a Folder on Mac

How To Encrypt a Folder on Mac

Do you want to password protect your sensitive Mac folder from unwanted access and prevent data loss? Lean how you can encrypt a folder on Mac using Disk Utility. Using Disk Utility, when you format an internal or external volume, you can encrypt and protect…

Common usage of encryption

Common Usage of Encryption

The purpose of this article is to provide information in the area of practical cryptography of interest to anyone wishing to use Encryption Software. This post covers starting from what is encryption, how encryption works, requirement for encryption and common usage of encryption in real…

top reasons encryption is not used

Top Reasons Encryption Is Not Used

There is many reasons to password-protect – or encrypt – one’s digital data and keep private life as private. Foremost among them is to protect it during a security breach. This article list down top reasons encryption is not used by individuals as well organisations….

File Shredder

File Shredder – how to permanently delete files from your computer?

File shredder programs are software tools that permanently delete files on your computer. As you may or may not know, deleting a file just hides it from the operating system. It isn’t really gone until that same space is overwritten by something else. This is exactly what a file shredder does. It overwrites selected…

public wifi security tips

Top 4 Public WiFi Security Tips

Public Wi-Fi can be found in popular public places like airports, coffee shops, malls, restaurants, and hotels — and it allows you to access the Internet for free. These “hotspots” are so widespread and common that people frequently connect to them without thinking twice. Learn…

how to protect sensitive files

How to Protect Sensitive Files on Your Computer?

Every day we keep store more and more files on our computers. Most of them are only useful for a certain period of time, whereas other sensitive files are so important or valuable that we want to keep them forever. A sensitive file exposure vulnerability is…

SSL Encryption

What is Encrypted Web Connection and Why it’s Important

Encryption is the process of helping protect personal data by using a “secret code” to scramble it so that it cannot be read by anyone who doesn’t have the code key.Encrypted Web Connection is a process through which some or all of the Internet activity…