Getting started with Kruptos 2

Adding files

  • Start Kruptos 2 and Enter your master password

  • Verify your password

  • Enter your password hint

  • Click Next

Your master password is the password you will use to open Kruptos 2 Professional and optionally encrypt your files

Adding files

  • Select how you will use passwords in your library

  • Click Create

Your Kruptos 2 library will now be created

You can choose to use a single password to log-in to Kruptos 2 and encrypt your files or use your master password to log-in and enter a password each time you encrypt or decrypt a file

For the purpose of this tutorial we will use a single password.

Adding files

  • Click the Documents library folder (it will turn green)

  • Click Add files, select the files you would like to add and click Open

Your selected files will now be added to your library

Your Kruptos 2 Professional library stores all your files in convenient folders so you can organise, secure and view your private files quickly and securely. To see how to fully setup and get the best out of your library click here

Adding files

  • Select the files you would like to encrypt

  • Click the Encrypt button

Your selected files will now be encrypted using your master password as the encryption key

To read more about encryption click here

Adding files

  • Select the files you would like to open

  • Click Open file

Alternatively you can double click the file you would like to open

Kruptos 2 will now decrypt and open the selected files. When you have finished editing your file Kruptos 2 will automatically save any changes and re-encrypt the file.