File encryption made simple..

Kruptos 2 Professional is an easy to use encryption program that uses 256-bit encryption to password protect your private files and prevent them from being modified, read or even accessed without the correct password. With Kruptos 2 Professional you can password protect all your sensitive personal and commercial information including your photos, movies, credit card data, tax returns or any other private document.

Encrypt files

Encrypting multiple filesEncrypting multiple files
Encryption Software algorithmSoftware Encryption - Howto
Encryption Software algorithmSoftware Encryption - Howto

Features at a glance

  • 256 bit encryption
  • Encrypts any number of files of any type
  • Filename encryption
  • Send encrypted email attachments
  • Create Encrypted Self-extracting files
  • Works perfectly with cloud based backup providers such as Dropbox
  • Inbuilt file Shredder
  • Windows Explorer integration
  • Auto re-encrypts after editing and viewing
  • Common password analyser
  • Use files as passwords

Features & Benefits

Password protects any number of files and folders
Quickly and safely encrypt your photos, movies, documents or any other files. Once encrypted only you can open your private files using your password.

Prevents data theft
Kruptos 2 professional keeps your files locked even if your computer is stolen or broken into.

Works perfectly with 'the Cloud'
Works perfectly with cloud based backup providers such as Dropbox, simply encrypt your shared files and folders!

Permanent File Deletion
Kruptos 2 Professional uses industry standard techniques to permanently destroy your file so common un-delete tools cannot recover them.

Features & Benefits

Easy to use
There are no complex options or settings. Once installed all you need is a good password and a few clicks!

Microsoft Windows integration
Integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Windows explorer allowing you to encrypt your files in as little as 2 clicks.

Double-click integration
Kruptos 2 Professional will automatically re-encrypt your file when you're finished editing so you don't have to worry about your file being left unsecured.

Safe, Secure and no NSA backdoors
Uses proven and unbroken 256bit file encryption algorithms, no hidden back doors, secret keys or NSA agreements

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PC Advisor Encryption Software ReviewUsing the program could hardly be simpler. You have the option of using the right click context menu to encrypt a selection of individual files or folders, but you can also use the program interface if you are working with files that are stored in different locations.... PC Advisor

CNet Encryption Software Review Kruptos 2's file menu and icon interface is the picture of simplicity. Encryption is almost effortless. You can drag and drop files to the Kruptos 2 window, Kruptos2, with all its features, is what every user needing simple file encryption

Best Encryption Software review from PC World Kruptos 2 uses powerful, 256-bit encryption to encrypt files and folders so that only you can read them. It's particularly useful for USB flash drives and portable storage devices, because you can encrypt the entire device, so you need not worry if the device is lost. It does a lot more as well. You can, for example, create self-extracting, encrypted archives. And you can also use it to shred files that you delete so that you remove all traces of them from your hard disk. You can even disguise a file name when you encrypt a file, so that people won't even know the names of your files, much less get access to them.

PC mag review and 5 start award Kruptos 2 offers a more mobile and much higher-horsepower way to safeguard sensitive data. Kruptos 2 does actual encryption of files and folders (via 256-bit Blowfish), and it throws in a file shredding feature for good measure. Yet despite the program's arsenal of advanced capabilities, it still manages to do well in the area of ease-of-use –PC Mag