25 Most-Used Passwords Revealed: Is Yours One Of Them?

After it was discovered that more than six million LinkedIn passwords had been leaked as well as many at Last.fm and eHarmony, no one has stopped talking about password and passcode security. That’s actually a good thing because it’s an incredibly important topic that many computer users don’t take seriously. Here are the top 25: ‘password’, ‘123456’, ‘12345678’, ‘1234’, ‘qwerty’, ‘12345’, ‘dragon’, ‘pussy’, ‘baseball’, ‘football’, ‘letmein’, ‘monkey’, ‘696969’, ‘abc123’, ‘mustang’, ‘michael’, ‘shadow’, ‘master’, ‘jennifer’, ‘111111’, ‘2000’, ‘jordan’, ‘superman’, ‘harley’, ‘1234567’. Is yours one of them? If so, it’s safe to say you should consider changing it to something stronger immediately. 

Kruptos 2 Professional includes a database of the top 500 common passwords in use today and will display a warning if you use one of them.


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